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Army of Darkness (1992). Dir. Sam Raimi.

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The Ruby Sanctum. 

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dallas, september 2002


dallas, september 2002

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Interpol - Obstacle 1

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40分の戦 by とうこ


40分の戦 by とうこ

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Poor Pokémon xD

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list of obvious and not-so-obvious mechanics



  • Leeroy Jenkins + Shadowstep

  • Wild Pyromancer + Equality

  • Divine Spirit + Inner Fire

  • Aldor Peacekeeper + Stampeding Kodo

  • Auchenai Soulpriest + Circle of Healing

  • Ancient Watcher + Taunt/Silence

  • Hunter’s Mark + Stonetusk Boar

  • Starving Buzzard + Unleash the Hounds, (kill the dogs to enchance Scavenging Hyena if you have one)

  • Frothing Berserker + Whirlwind

  • Argent Squire + Blood Knight

  • Ancestral Healing/Mark of the Wild + The Black Knight'crossmirage'

  • King Mukla + Divine Favor'VlCHI'

  • Leeroy Jenkins + Mind Control Tech'Brofistastic'

  • Power Overwhelming a minion (one or more turns old), attack with it, then play Void Terror to absorb it

  • Shadow Madness on Loot Hoarder/Leper Gnome/Etc and kill it for the passive to work for you

  • Heal enraged minions to cancel their effects (Gurubashi Berserker passive is NOT an enrage)

  • Playing Brawl when you have a Sylvanas on your board

  • Playing Coldlight Oracle/King Mukla/Etc when your opponent has 8+ cards (so his next card evaporates)

  • Fireblast your own minions with enrage (or passives like Acolyte of Pain)

  • Earth Shock a Twilight Drake/Scarlet Crusader/Etc

  • Blessing of Wisdom on enemy minion to discourage attacking

  • Betrayal on Emperor Cobra/Water Elemental/Etc(source)

  • Turn 1 Coin a Defias Ringleader

  • Turn 2 attack enemy hero with Lightwarden, then use Lesser Heal on your opponent

  • Turn 4 Violet Teacher, Innervate, Power of the Wild

  • Turn 4 equip a Truesilver Champion, play a Dread Corsair for 0 mana

  • Turn 9 Force of Nature, Savage Roar


  • If Misdirection redirects your minion to your own hero with a weapon equipped, the minion gets damaged

  • Lord Jaraxxus can be killed with Sacrificial Pact

  • Charges from Tundra Rhino will expire as soon as it dies

  • You can silence a minion with Corruption

  • Sword of Justice works with Harvest Golem passive

  • If you have Violet Teacher and play Force of Nature with 4+ minions on board, she will summon first the 1/1 preventing you summon all three 2/2s

  • If you swap the attack and health of a 0/X, it dies

  • Explosive Trap prevents the attack only if the minion dies to the 2 damage

  • Knife Jugglers throw knives when Leeroy Jenkins summons Whelps

  • You can silence a frozen minion to attack (one or more turns old)'NewSchoolBoxer'

  • Stormwind Champion + Warsong Commander + 3 attack minion = NO charge'Chozothebozo'

  • Crazed Alchemist battlecry takes the current values (aura effects and buffs included), and after the swap the aura effects are applied again'doogadude'

  • Mind control/Shadow Madness on a Wild Pyromancer will proc its effect'vairoletto'

  • When Master of Disguise stealths a Knife Juggler, the stealth will break as soon as the Knife Juggler throws the knife as result of playing MoD'okiipo'

  • You can target directly your own stealthed minions(source)

  • Lord Jaraxxus is affected by Repentance turning his health to 1 HP'CommieOfLove'

  • Raging Worgen can attack a second time the first turn he enrages(source)

  • If Ragnaros passive hits a 8/8 Gruul, the Gruul will survive as a 9/1'fuzzywhiskers'

EDIT: formatting and grammar

EDIT2: fixed Shadow Madness / Defias'NoHaxNeeded'

EDIT3: added the word “tricks” so I can add things like Earth Shock on a Twilight Drake

EDIT4: fixed order of some combos'Volume999''cessern'

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